Willowlawn Golden Retrievers


We are not commercial breeders & have on average one litter of pups a year. We have a waiting list & most puppies are booked before they are born. Our pups are reared in the house so they are used to family life by the time they leave for their new homes. We believe Golden Retrievers should live as part of the family, our dogs live in our house & we ask the same for our puppies. We encourage new owners to attend training classes to socialise their puppy as well as achieving a well trained adult dog that is a pleasure to own.

All our puppies are checked by our vet when they are born & again before they leave for their new homes & are microchipped, insured & come with a comprehensive information pack & supply of food. We also offer help & advice whenever needed.

If you are interested in a Willowlawn puppy then please contact me for more information.

Initial enquiry can be by email - please provide details of your family, lifestyle & what you are looking for in a puppy. I like to meet all prospective owners before the litter is born. That gives us a chance to see if one of our puppies will be right for you & you will be right for one of our puppies.

To deter dealers a full address & landline telephone number are essential.

All puppies registrations are endorsed with 'Progeny Not To Be Registered' & 'Not for the Issue of an Export Pedigree'. At my discretion these endorsements may be lifted at a later date.

Owning a dog is a big committment - please do your research thoroughly. A lot of useful information can be found on the Kennel Club & the Golden Retriever Club wesites (see links page). Help stamp out the deplorable suffering caused at puppy farms make sure you buy from a responsible breeder.